Who Orchestrates our Thuds?

I have learned that life orchestrates our "thuds" but also God knows what is best for us to grow closer to him in the midst of our "thuds."  God does do the orchestrating of our “thuds” because he wants our total dependence on him.  Our “thuds” can also be caused by our own sin. I have prayed the prayer "help me, Lord," many times as I try to manage the unexpected "thuds" in my life.  This past year I had a Total Knee Replacement and my emotions have been a ride on a rollercoaster.  I never realized that I could be so high and so low.  The Lord and I have been in constant dialogue and I know he is not tired of my rantings and ravings.  So, three months later I ask him... "now what?"   As you can see I am still on that emotional rollercoaster.

The other morning I woke up at 4:45 am.  My first response was "really?  Really Lord?  4:45 am?"  Now what?  I laid there for 15 minutes and then I looked at my phone and a text came in at 5:05 am.  I read the text and a friend of mine text me and told me her husband died yesterday and would I call her.   Of course!  I snuck out of bed and called her right away and we talked for an hour.  Her husband had died and he was 42 years old and they had four kids the ages from five to thirteen years old.  Was that phone call a "Thud" or a divine appointment from God?  God gave me the grace to wake up for 15 minutes before my friend sent me that text.  I had 15 minutes to get my brain engaged in the real world before I called her. "Thuds" are our divine appointments that God has orchestrated in our lives.

While in S. Africa I came down with Tick Fever.  I needed to stay down and take it easy.  Our hostess was a 70 year pathologist that had just fell down and broke her pelvic bone.  I could not leave the house and neither could she leave her bed so for three days we hung out in her room talking about the Lord, encouraging one another on to love and good works and we enjoyed lots of laughts.  Was Tick Fever a "thud?"  Yes it was a "thud."  But it was turned into one of God's divine appointments.

I guess my encouragement to you is don't panic over the "thuds."  Go with the flow.  See the "thuds" as God's appointments for you to use your gifts and enouragement for others.  You never know when the "thud" is going to happen.  It will happen.  The question is..."how are you going to handle the "thuds" in your life?"