My Personal God

I am here sitting in my dining room in Washougal Washington over looking the Columbia river. If I stand up and look out the window I can see Mt. Hood. Across the river is Troutdale and when the sun goes down I can see the lights flicker across the river. In the back of the house I look out over a field where hay is grown. Sometimes I see an eagle soar in the sky, sometimes I see deer walk by and sometimes I see our daughters cat, P.J., marching through the fields announcing with loud meows that she is coming home. My dog Rufio is sitting near by and he is a source of delight and sometimes frustration. He is a 100 pound, 13 month old pure black German Shepherd whose ears never stood straight up. And yes he is a pure bred, honestly. We also have another cat named April who is Hayden's dear friend. April has been there for Hayden through many broken bones and surgeries. April gives Hayden much joy and we have come to enjoy her too.

As I write this my husband is worn out from an active night of unrest. Normally I can hear him in his office talking on the phone, typing on the computer and thinking his greatests thoughts. In my opinion he has many great thoughts.

Our son Tyler will be home in three weeks. He will take time to see where his next step will go. Will he be playing "Footie" football in Australia next semester or stay home and take a break from school? We live in limbo wondering where God will lead.

Our daughter Kiersten is going to Wheaton College in Chicago. She will be in and out for the next few months with visits. We wonder where she will land next summer. Will she enjoy school in Europe to study art in Italy, France and England? God only knows right now.

Hayden is home for four more years going to school at Camas High School. He is an only child right now and does not have any friends. He talks openly about that. He plays on the golf team but without friends Bill and I have become his golf partners. He moved here knowing that life will be lonely for awhile and he was o.k. with that. In fact he was glad to move to Washougal. He was glad for a new start.

New starts. That is what I am embracing. In fact everyone in my family is embracing a new start. Why this new start? What ended that we desired a new start. Don't worry the new start was from the Lord. But it had to be God's timing for our new start.

I am not a great writer. My husband has that gift but I hope to learn to express myself in a clear way so that one can understand how much I love my God and how much he loves me. I want you to catch a glimpse of his personal interest in me and how much he is vitally apart of my life. He is my personal God. He is your personal God. My hope is that through this book you will be encouraged and excited to walk a deep and intimate walk with your personal God. This book is not about me but about him. I do hope you catch a glimpse of his glory and awesome power and he is revealled to you in such a way that you've never seen him in this light before. My hope is he becomes your very best friend and when you are in a deep pit, dark cave or absolute isolation that the God who has created everything is with you in your darkest night. Not just one night but sometimes those dark nights go on and on and on. He is with you!