The Best Laid Plans of a Women go Thud

For these past two in a half months this saying "the best laid plans of women go THUD" has been my repeated phrase. My plans did not pan out like I thought they would but God had other ideas. I will give you a little history.

1. My husband and I flew to South Africa for a month to teach and encourage missionaries, ministries and friends. My "THUD" was I was diagnosed with Tick Fever and I was laid up for a few weeks.

2. We flew home the end of March from South Africa and a few days before our flight back my dad had open heart surgery. Instead of flying home for a week of regrouping before our next trip, I flew home for 24 hours and then hopped on a plane to Spokane and stayed for five days with my parents.  P.S.  I am glad I went.

3. A few days after my Spokane trip we flew to Houston for a few days and I was scheduled to fly home a week before my Total Knee Replacement surgery.  Only problem is the Portland Trailblazers made the NBA Basketball finals and my doctor (Orthopedic Surgeon for the Trailblazers)  had to move my surgery up a week. I arrived home on Wednesday and early Thursday morning I checked into the hospital for my surgery.  "THUD."

4. The forth "THUD" is my recovery from my surgery.  My expectation is I would recover quickly and after a few days I'd be walking and working out at the gym plus resume my busy and active life.  "THUD."  I had no idea that I would be such an impatient patient!  I found that one does not bounce back from a Total Knee Replacement and one gets emotional, can't sleep, can't walk and wants to punch their physical therapist!

5. The fifth "THUD" is my son (a Marine) has been deployed on a ship in the Arabian Sea for 8 months.  He was do to fly back to his base in North Carolina on May 1st.  I was sad that my husband and I could not meet him (do to my lovely Knee Replacement Surgery) when he walked off his helicopter for this beautiful homecoming.  So, we enlisted our daughter to be there to meet him.  We had it all worked out that she would drive from Delaware to North Carolina and be there on base at 11:15 am when his helicopter would land.  About 6:00 am (my time) I receive a phone call from my daughter (who was crying) and she said, "I missed him!  He arrived to base five hours early.  He called me and asked where I was?  I missed him!"  "THUD."  We had the beautiful welcome all planned out but the military made other plans without telling us! "THUD."

6. Today I am sitting at our cabin still recovering from my surgery eight weeks later in the midst of my "THUD."

What do I do with the "THUDS" in my life?  For the next few blogs I will talk about my failures, my successes and how God met me in the midst of my "THUDS."