The Battle of the Rudder

The Battle of the Rudder

We have a cabin in Ione, Wa on the Pend Oreille River.  The other day a paddle boat was floating down the river and we decided to go and retrieve it and call the sheriff just in case someone lost it.  No one has called so my husband and I decided to try it and now we know why is was floating down the river.   The rudder was broken.  A friend of ours fixed it the best he could but their was still some funky way the rudder turned in order to go straight.  Mind you…  straight is the goal.

Yesterday, while down at the dock, I decided to try out the paddle boat in the river to retrieve my dog’s tennis ball.  No kidding, it took me twenty minutes to finally get that ball.  Remember, the paddle boat does not go straight when you turn the rudder  to go straight!  It actually has a mind of it’s own.  I am sure if the neighbors saw me out there they would think I was crazy in the maneuvering of this boat.  I was out past the dock, bumping into the shore, going in circles but I was not going straight to get the stupid ball!  I even tried to enlist my other shepherd to help me get the ball by holding unto his collar while he swam to the ball.   I realized that if the rudder is not working correctly the boat will not reach the ultimate goal.  I will not hit the target without the right tools to help me hit the bulls eye…  (the ball).

As I reflected on the “battle of the rudder” I realized that when a person has a goal or vision to achieve they need to have the proper tools to accomplish the goal.  So, think about it, what is your goal?  What is your vision?  What are the tools you need to hone in on to accomplish that goal?

Maybe you want to lose 10 pounds or get into better shape.  The tools are workout clothes, good tennis shoes and a gym, bike or a workout video.  Also, a tool is keeping track of the calories you put in your mouth or writing everything down.  Maybe you are going to cut out gluten and sugar but only eat meat and vegetables.  The goal is the 10 pound loss and the tools are working out and monitoring your food.

Another goal may be changing your behavior of losing your temper.  Your husband and kids are getting weary of your outbursts.  What are the tools that can help you change that pattern?  Go to a counselor.  Read a book on anger issues.  Learn what your triggers are that set your temper in motion.   Ask your husband for help when he starts to see you becoming agitated.  The goal is to change your behavior of losing your temper.  The tools are counseling, books, accountability and honesty with your behavior.

What is your goal or vision that you would like to accomplish?  Is it weight loss, health, anger or you fill in the blank.  Whatever your goal is that you want to achieve,  utilize the right tools to help you accomplish your goal.  Otherwise, you will have the battle of the rudder and end up paddling all over the river  except in the straight direction to retrieve the stupid tennis ball!